Tim Caynes is a user experience designer with over 10 years experience of user-centred design, development and implementation, working on small to large scale mobile and web-based deployments for corporate and small business clients. Specialised in designing and building interaction models and design experiences, developing information architectures, managing brand consistency, and driving collaboration with functional teams and stakeholders across the production life cycle.
Tim CaynesAfter graduating from Manchester University with a BSc in Computing and Usability Engineering, Tim joined Sun Microsystems, based in the UK. After 2 years of frontline support and Java platform development, Tim was appointed the marketing manager for Internet Services for Northern Europe, developing online support strategies and early web-based interactive services. As Senior Web Designer for a team of digital developers and as a User Experience Manager, working across multiple production, design and deployment teams, he has gained extensive user-centered design, globalisation and program/vendor management experience, working on enterprise-wide and bespoke customer sites. Currently, Tim is working for user experience studio Flow, focused on key customer value propositions and user journeys, developing design frameworks and end-to-end flows to support unique user experiences. That last bit was copied from LinkedIn, so it must be true.
Tim is married with 3 children and lives in Norwich, England. He is a musician and a passionate photographer and graphic artist, recently showing at a collaborative public exhibition, with free photographic seminar.